Friday, 13 November 2009


January 30th 2009.
I had to buy some new curling tongs.
I'd unknowingly left my old ones on all night and they had fallen from the shelf onto a pile of wires on the floor. When I woke up, I could smell something burning and I was lucky to have found them in time as the heat had already started to melt away at the plastic around the wires.
Didn't think it was a good idea to use them again even though they didn't actually blow up, so I picked up some new ones from Boots.

On my way to Kent to work with Jim, I was helped to the right platform at Victoria by some kind guy working at the station, who also kindly carried my enormous bag for me. We got chatting, he asked me about my day; I said I was a model & that I was going to a shoot.
He seemed interested so I gave him my card. Might as well do a bit of self-promoting on my travels where possible!
So hello to Mr London Victoria Train Man if you're reading this.

Keith Curtis & I met up for lunch & a chat about our little project 'Nudes in Public/Strange/Unconventional Places' on Tuesday, after which I popped in to see Robert again.
A place in town was doing an offer on food so Keith & I sat down to take some notes on said project.

Big topic of interest is the graffiti under a subway in Southampton - some photos were taken and hopefully they will be our first step. I'll reveal more on this, when there's actually something to show.
Traffic was terrible Tuesday morning as there'd been an accident in Newgate Lane so getting out of Gosport was even more of a nightmare than usual. I got off the bus as it was much quicker to walk - walked quite a way and then the traffic cleared. I saw my bus overtake me so I was a bit annoyed!
Finally got to the station and my train had been cancelled because no-one can be bothered to keep up with maintaining the tracks! Raah.
Then on Wednesday, many trains were cancelled again due to a fatality at Worthing. I was shooting with Graham Wood that day, but luckily made it on time.

Shoot with Graham on Wednesday was as enjoyable as ever; we now work together regularly twice a month.
We based this one on the BBC4 programme, 'Seven Photographs That Changed Fashion,' trying to capture the feel of Bourdin & Bailey's original images and also Rankin's attempts, as well as continuing with the high key work from last time, much of it headshots. I ached after this shoot but it was totally worth it.

Yesterday, I was shooting in Somerset, although the photographer Ed Melville picked me up from Sherborne.
Had a shock that morning though - I'd fallen asleep the night before whilst setting my alarm, but before I'd set it! Only by some miracle did I wake up at the right time.
Had a lovely day - he treated me like a princess, we hopefully got some fabulous shots, concentrating mainly on soft, sensual & erotic nudes & Japanese rope bondage, which is rather new to me.
I can now proudly say I'm able to create some basic Shibari.. all I need now is 30ft of rope from B&Q to practice with at home, hehehe.

Christopher Brick has bought a dancing pole for the studio. I said I'm happy to pay half as I'd like to come in on my days off, presuming the studio's free to practice on it as I miss pole dancing and it's a  great way to keep fit.
I'm now only concentrating on covering the cost of the studio hire on Feb 2nd, and covering what I owe for the pole. It'll be a bonus if I make any money for myself I've decided, but I'm not expecting to nor am I too worred about it, as long as I pay off my debt.

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