Friday, 13 November 2009

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Tiny Weeny Wonky (how does it go again?)

20th January 2009.
My shoot on Wednesday with Graham Wood went well. Ever since I went blonde in November 2008, he's been wanting to work with my new look, and he said I had a completely different image in the blonde photos from the day, opposed to the images we created when I was brunette.
I asked if this was a good or bad thing and he said 'it's an interesting thing' and later reassured me he liked the images very much.

I enjoy working with Graham on a regular basis because he genuinely enjoys learning about photography - he doesn't skip steps, nor does he blag his way through - he likes to experiment and dabble with new equipment, light setups.. changing only the tiniest of things, one thing at a time to make sure he sees the exact differences.
You'd never hear 'oh, we'll just brush that up in Photoshop' from him.. he'll stay at it until he gets it right in the studio.
He always produces stunning work, but never ceases to strive to do better.

Thursday night, I had plans to go round and visit Robert for a catch-up but I had a ton of housework to get done and he was shopping at Asda. I asked him to pick up a couple of bits for me and he popped them round & stayed for a drink & a chat.
My friend in Cyprus, Cemay passed her due date for her little boy to be born on Friday - I'm still unsure whether or not she's had him. He must be comfy in there; clearly doesn't want to come out.

I had a photoshoot Friday; my second with John Hill, but this time at his home studio in East Croydon. I felt we created much better images this time than our first shoot and he felt the same.
I had a terrible time with trains too as they were all delayed. For the first time in my life, I wondered why the hell I'm not driving yet.

I finally got around to catching up with email Monday during the day. To give myself a break, I enjoyed an evening at Rob's with the best chilli ever cooked and a bottle of red. He's got a day off today so is taking his mum, Dina to Titchfield for lunch. Wish I could have gone too, but have far too much to catch up on here.. (says she, writing in her blog!)

I want to go to this Bristol party tomorrow night at Que-C's but I haven't found anyone who can give me a lift yet - cheeky I know!

End of the week and weekend should be manic. I'm meeting Rachel for lunch in Petersfield on Thursday, then taking a train up to Basingstoke, then heading off to Kent for a weekend shoot with Jim Bateman.

The only free days left in January for me are the 26th and 30th.
I'm meeting with Keith Curtis to discuss/start working on a particularly cool project on Tuesday next week, Graham Wood again to carry on from where we left off on the Wednesday, and I'm doing a bondage/erotic art photoshoot with Ed Melville on Thursday 29th.

Couple of things that have happened so far this morning: Tony Nutley's announced his new flash website. I really recommend giving it a good look; it's fabulous work, by a fabulous photographer who's been photographing fabulous famous names for the past 50 years.
I have been marvelling at it all morning.

I have also just picked up the post and my Wicked Weasel bikinis have arrived, which are my 'prize' for winning the charity auction at last year's Brighton group shoot. They look fab and I must go now so I can try them on.

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