Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Precious [fashion-inspired]

I absolutely adore this!
Sexy, sultry, mind-blowing, fashion-inspired deliciousness!
Watch it now and fall in love ♥

Precious from monica menez on Vimeo.

Latex work with Stuart, Alex & Martyn

Friday was a full day at Eye For An Image studio, modelling latex collectons. I got my usual beautiful bunch of yellow roses from Alex, and Stuart Thomson spent most of the day taking behind the scenes video and capturing some pretty funny bits as well! There will be a lot more to add to this, so it won't be the last you hear about this day.

Top image by Martyn Davis.
Second image down is another behind the scenes shot from the dressing room of an earlier black latex outfit. It appears to be a catsuit, but in fact it's trousers and a shirt that refused to stay buttoned up. Every time I went to arch my back for a shot, the poppers would ping open and my boobs would fall out.. resulting in not so very facebook-friendly video footage, which I think Stuart was hoping for!

Speaking of Martyn Davis, this is a behind the scenes shot taken first thing Friday morning when his and Kaye's 5-month-old Eurasier puppy, Stanley came into the studio to have his photo taken with me! Aww.. he is so cute, but he just would not stop wiggling!

Work from Chris Lloyd: Midlands tour

Yep, so.. I figure Chris Lloyd must like working with me, hehe.. we spent a collective 10 hours shooting together over the course of three days last week! As well as attending the evening workshop on Wednesday, (see last post: An evening workshop in Banbury) he also booked me for three hours the following evening at Eye For An Image studio and half my Barone studio day in Wolverhampton on the Saturday.
I have to say John Barone's studio is looking very colourful! The other photographers from my studio day, Edwin Drost from the Netherlands and Martin were also wonderful to work with and I eagerly await seeing some of their images from the day.
Here are some of the results from Chris:
(Hair & make-up all by me, click on any image to enlarge)

It's not often I include a crazy dressing room out-take of my hair & make-up, but I thought I would today, hehe! 

An evening workshop in Banbury

Yesterday, I got home from a 6-day tour of the Midlands, staying in Banbury and working in various studios including Eye For An Image, Ariane in Tamworth and John Barone's in Wolverhampton, among various other locations.
Wednesday evening, I did a 3-hour workshop at Martyn Davis' studio, Eye For An Image in Banbury involving a mix of figure nudes, fashion work, glamour and portraiture.. lovely emails have been filtering through with images from the event, so I thought I'd share some of the pictures here, starting with those from Steve Underhill (TipTop Photography)
(All hair & make-up by me, please click on any image to enlarge it)

This one from Chris Lloyd..

And these from Fahim Manzur, (more can be found at this link: http://www.fabricatedfantasies.com/Galleries/Cheryl-Elizabeth/23584652_Jtp3W3#!i=1907854583&k=LSVzwJj) who was the sweetest photographer.. he turned up with a box of Ferrero Rocher for me.. that did actually last the whole duration I was away, but sadly all the chocolates are now almost demolished, hehe! Thank you so much, Fahim x

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Nudes in natural rock formation

North Devon is one my favourite places to visit in the whole country. It's like my second home & I try to go there at least once a month.. so when talented photographer & creative, Jeremy Howitt took me to shoot at Blackchurch Rock, a stunning natural formation around this time last year, I couldn't wait to see the results.. especially as Jeremy is a fan of 'stitching' several images together to result in stunning panorama.

Here are three I'd like to share with you, featuring a somewhat 'curvier' me.. please click an image to see it full size.

Day with Shaun Hodge

This blog post is all about one of my favourite photographers, Shaun Hodge. We last worked together late last year (our second shoot) and I'd like to share the photos with you. These first few are merely from a one-hour slot at the end of a very hectic studio day at KVMedia Studios in Chesham (nr. Watford) before we spend the whole following day shooting together at various different locations around London.
KVMedia is a fantastic set of studios - three rooms, endless backdrops, so many props and an excellent range of lights available for hire.
(Click on any image to see a larger version)

I like to make a mess in the dressing rooms, hehe.

Magazine coat by Nikita Sablier, Salisbury.

I was staying in Ealing after my studio day with Shaun and his lovely wife, Amanda. The following day make-up artist & hair stylist, Zarqa Tajdin came to the house to work on me on a highly styled look.
We started with some beauty shots for Zarqa's portfolio, followed by some fashion and something a bit retro Sixties in my original brown velvet hotpants.

After lunch, we visited a friend of Shaun's, also in London, whose beautiful retro-designed house was the perfect backdrop for some funkier shots, one of which (below) featured on the www.vogue.it website. There were stamp-printed cushions, numerous guitars made of various materials, endless CD shelves including a whole CD wall, mirrors, rainbow rugs, asymmetrical tables & chairs - so cool!

Nice colour walls.. this terracotta / orange is also the colour of my own living room walls..

Continuing the theme back at Shaun's home studio..


Finally, having a cuddle with Shaun & Amanda's little dog, Shadow :)