Thursday, 13 January 2011


Just felt like sharing one of my favourite nude photos ever taken of me.

The photographer is Robin Short and it was taken at Switch Photography Studios in late summer, 2009.
I like its simplicity, the 'cleanness' of the structure, the curves, the distinctive lines, the diagonal composition, the shadow of my body on the floor, the lovely central pool of light which gives this photo depth..
AND, there is adequate space between the chin and chest. Something that otherwise annoys me in images of similar poses.
Hope you like it too!

Beautiful body art, part 2

You may remember this entry, 'Beautiful body art' which was posted in the latter half of last year?

Well November 4th saw me team up for the second time with very talented photograper Nigel Bunker and very talented body artist Parminder Bansil.
I am forever enthralled at how she can create such beautiful art work on someone's skin in a mere couple of hours while I sit and yawn, chat, itch when the inks tickle my skin, jiggle about because Nige has made me laugh or something..
This time, we decided on a white pattern lined with sparkly silver, and using beautiful white voile curtains in the studio to give a dreamy ethereal mood, this is what we came up with.


For the second half of the day, Parminder added some luscious colour to the white, covering my whole body in pretty pastels, pinks, blues and lilacs.
I had a long silk scarf I bought from Allders many years ago (before it went bankrupt!) that complemented these colours beautifully, so we turned on the fan and let everything, including my hair lift with the wind.
Continued with the same light set-up until later trying it low-key on black..

Abstract figure shapes

Well I've come to the conclusion that 14 weeks is far too long to go without updating my blog, so this year I must make sure I make time to write. I don't want it to seem like something I must do, I don't even do this from a networking point of view really, but it's something I feel would be fun to read back on in years to come and look at a whole diary of work I achieved over my younger years.
It wouldn't be possible without all the wonderful photographers, stylists and make-up artists I've had the pleasure of being acquainted with of course.
So happy 2011 to you all.
I'll start off with some shots that were taken in October last year at my local and without doubt one of my favourite studios, Lowford Studio by Shaun Harvey. Shaun has only recently returned to studio work to develop abstract figure shapes, often with dynamic lighting.
Here, I'm loving the Hollywood glamour look with a touch of eroticism in the very low key shots, how the light plays on my body from my hands, and also using the mask later on for erotic anonymity.