Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A little interior design

We're in the middle of redecorating, the hubby and I. I think we'll forever be in the middle of redecorating unless one of us wins the lottery. It's quite frustrating when I think of how long it will take to do everything, but it's actually quite fun to do bits here and there and it keeps my mind constantly active to find new ideas and include little bits that inspire me.
As far as the living room goes, we've recently bought a new cream leather corner sofa, Venetian blinds, a pair of Grecian-style decorative pillars, (full-length) and a glass-top table with a heavy stone effect base. The walls are a vibrant orange, fireplace wallpapered with an old brick/stone design and the floor is oak-style laminate.
It would be great not only to design a unique, ornate room in which we can relax, but also something I will be able to use as an elaborate set for shooting where necessary. Forget the Grecian theme for a minute, simply the Venetian blinds can be used creatively.

(Photo is courtesy of David Radford at The Studio, Bristol, 2009)

We're after a Mediterranean feel for our living room, including elaborate wall decoration, artificial vines, tiny LED ceiling lights.. the ideas are endless.
I stumbled across this gorgeous site today; pretty inspiring stuff, huh?

Monday, 4 October 2010

'Scarlett Dress' quartet, 2008

Sometimes I like to go back through old photos, they make me smile.. ♥


Photography by Jim Bateman.
Hair, make-up, styling by Cheryl Elizabeth.
Location: New Forest, Hampshire


Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Grange at Northington

Just posting some pictures from a shoot yesterday at Northington Grange; a mansion near Winchester which is a stunning example of the Greek Revival style in England, remodelled in this way very early 19th Century.
My photographer, Russband and I started by capturing paparazzi 'glamour-girl' shots with his wife's SLK Mercedes (since she is selling it this week and he wanted some shots before it goes) ..before moving into artistic nude by the fountain and against great doric columns. The nudes are my favourites so I'll start with those.

Past visitors to this lovely location have included George IV, Thomas Carlyle and Lord Tennyson.

This mansion is open to the public and it is always a risk to shoot nude in such places. There is no law as such against nudity in public in the UK and we clearly weren't trying to offend, despite there being a few people wandering around (it was a Saturday after all) as well as a young couple with a baby and you would generally take even more caution when children are around.
Well I was standing by one of the pillars and this guy literally just came from nowhere, catching my eye first before he even saw Russ. He walked straight past me, no more than three metres from where I was standing and thankfully didn't say a word. I apologised and tried to cover myself but I forget there are many understanding, open-minded people around as well as the ones who find it harder to appreciate or understand.
He acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary, which I find rather amusing. Maybe he was too shocked to show any emotion.

Anyway, one of the car for good measure.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Beautiful body art

I adore these shots taken 22nd August by Nigel Bunker.
Nige is a photographer I've admired for a while and I've forever been after some high quality body art shots for my own portfolio.
We teamed up with the talented Parminder Bansil; she travelled from Kent to Farnborough weighed down with beads, gems, stick-on crystals, inks and brushes and created the most stunning art on my body.
Her talent really shouldn't go unnoticed; she regularly creates body art for Indian weddings, but I hope she soon becomes a widely-known name for styling in the modelling industry too.
I simply love everything about the results and I can't wait to collaborate with these guys again soon.

The whole design to mid-thigh took 4 hours to create. It was an amazing experience to watch her literally 'draw' in intricate detail over my skin - from the smooth curve of the outlines to the finishing 'bead' touches on the face.

Jewellery by Parminder Bansil
Hair and make-up by Cheryl Elizabeth

Friday, 1 October 2010

Recent work at Lowford Studio

I seem to be getting more than the usual number of bookings at my local studio, Lowford recently, which is great as it's so close to home and so very well equipped. The studio owner Christopher Brick is lovely and a very dear friend of mine, and he knows I treat the place as my second home. I often go there with my laptop during my free time to get a change of scenery from home and concentrate on admin.

Two half-day shoots I'd like to post - one from June with Kevin Burroughs and one from August with Ian Newman, both whom I'd worked with previously and both who I hope to work with again in the near future.

Kevin and I primarily worked on anonymous portraiture with a hat and lingerie, while Ian and I concentrated more on a relaxed, classic fashion / glamour feel.

© Kevin Burroughs
Hair and make-up by Cheryl Elizabeth

© Ian Newman
Hair and make-up by Cheryl Elizabeth

A Yerbury wedding photography workshop (MPA Wessex region)

Tomorrow marks fourteen weeks since mine and Robert's wedding day. More than a quarter of that first year has already passed in a whirlwind of household DIY, socialisation and domestic bliss.
As you may know, I was lucky enough to pick up my dress for just £180 including seamstress costs, and I am still reaping the little pleasures from wearing it (literally) to work! Only a couple of weeks ago, I was dancing about in it for two independent boudoir shoots in the same week.
But I shall have to update on that later. If a bride is ever lucky enough to get to wear her cherished dress again, she probably didn't have the opportunity to dress up in all her glory before the event.
Well, Trevor and Faye Yerbury made that happen for me.. the Monday before my big day in June.. in a slinky champagne / gold little number with a small train and a gorgeous French veil made of weighty silk tulle for one of their wedding photography workshops at Exbury Gardens in the beautiful New Forest.
On the day Faye took my long hair, tangled from the wind, and twined it round her fingers, sweeping it into this magnificent messy braid with strands of hair cascading down my cheeks. It's something that would take me weeks to achieve, yet in no more than 10 minutes I looked like a bride of some royalty.
Despite concentrating on the job in hand to produce the most visually stunning pictures I could, there were so many emotions running through my head knowing I looked and felt the part of a bride, but remembering that this was just acting and I was to experience 'the real thing' not even a week from that very date!

Trevor Yerbury and his wife Faye are two of the most talented photographers, specialising in weddings, boudoir and art nude; their work just goes to show how excellent creative teamwork can pay off. See more of their work on their many blogs, all to be found categorised here: (my favourites being the Weddings and Boudoir blogs)


The soft tulle of the French veil was heavier than voile or netting, so rumpled perfectly over my face in the breeze without obscuring all the detail from my features in profile.
The weave of the fabric works in line with the rippling effect in the wind.

Warm tones in the first photo here again with the soft tulle guise, leaning up against the engine shed door.
Second photo by Faye - a magical old tree taken with wonderful natural light.

Reclining bride.
One of my favourite images, processed to a warm black and white with some texture, taken under the wisteria drenched gazebo.

The bridge above must be every photographer's delight but the real sweet spot was here, the little hidden corner.
And finally, modelling a beautiful net headpiece / bridal veil / hat made by Faye.
A group shot of the fantastic Yerburys, (Trevor next to me, Faye standing behind him) Michelle the other beautiful 'bride' for the day, Keith Curtis (crouching, far right with sunglasses) and budding wedding photographers who took part in this fabulous workshop.