Friday, 13 November 2009

Keep your Bonsai trimmed and tidy

8th December 2008.
Well my shoot on Saturday in Farnham is postponed because the photographer's car blew up. I was quite busy in the run-up to Christmas, now it seems like everyone wants to rearrange their shoots.

On Friday, I worked with John Evans who was giving a tutorial to John Hammond. So I was more 'hamster' than model which made for very easy work but beautiful shots.
I went back to Mr Evans' house afterwards to have dinner, play with his son's Python, (very cool!) discussed the possibility of using it in a shoot one day, and then I headed out to another photographer/model social evening in a Winchester pub; it was a giggle.

Saturday night, Tobes came down and we went to Dom's party together.. luckily, I think I managed to avoid all dodgy photos. Lots of us ended up staying at Jen's. I rolled into bed at a pretty indecent hour considering, and was picked up only a couple of hours later by Chris because I had another studio day at Lowford. It wasn't quite as successful as the last, but that was due to lack of promotion, not lack of sleep amazingly.

Worked with Kevin White, James Delta & Bob Dixon but had only managed to book 6 hours of my day when last time I'd worked 10 hours.
Still, it was successful and Toby eventually made it down to spend time with us between 1 and 4pm before his trip home to Swindon. He'd been shopping and bought me a tiny Bonsai tree as a present. It has a bit of a hidden meaning, but I thought it was really sweet nonetheless.
I'm off to London today to do a spot of shopping and lunching with Ciaran. :D

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