Friday, 13 November 2009

Happy New Year!

13th January 2009.
Well, happy new year to you all.

Today, I managed to get my website finished and I'm pleased to say I did it all myself.
This exciting news aside, I really must get back into work mode - I have been rather unproductive lately and the only shoot I've had so far this year was shot by David Churchyard on Jan 3rd. He wanted boy-girl erotic film style shots with male model, Rob Duncan.

Jim Bateman invited me over to his place in Kent for an overnight shoot 29th/30th Dec with one day working with CherryX and then on my own the day after. We got some cracking fun images involving silly string & party poppers.
December 2008 was fun and superb for socialising and networking; 10th Dec being the Bristol get-together at Que-C's bar. I wore my long green satin dress & met FastEddie, Naked Rockstar, Razoir, Sharpshooter, Simon Young, Cleveland Rogers.. all of which I hope to work with soon.

I worked with Marcell Hibbart on 11th Dec near Gatwick - from what I've seen so far, the images are gorgeous and I can't wait to see more. Chris & I ended up at the White Horse drinking & playing pool that evening because he picked me up from the station.. we just couldn't quite make it back without a pub visit.
12th Dec was Lowford Studio's minced pie & mulled wine Christmas do.. mainly Tony Nutley telling of his hatred for Ruby Wax and me rolling about on the floor with an enormous teddy. Success.
14th Dec was spent with Robert, Christmas shopping in Bournemouth - ah, it was so lovely and special and we ate dinky doughnuts (you didn't see that, I'm a model!) & walked round the park. It was also the day two years ago that he proposed to me oddly enough.

Chris grabbed me to go shopping in Portsmouth with him on the 15th because he said he needed a woman's advice on what to get his wife for Christmas! We had a laugh and I shamefully crawled back into my hole when I lost several poor shots at pool.
Saw Chris again on the 16th at Lowford studio, catching up on work. At 6pm, I had an urge to finally shoot with that oversized teddy bear. Received a text from Nick soon after saying he was jealous because said bear had seen more of me than he had.

Got my hair done at the salon on the 17th, but not before stopping off at David's for a bacon sarnie for breakfast. I'm so cheeky, but he loves it!
18th was booked for a shoot with Dave Kennedy at his studio in Reading. I am now on his studio register. He seems pleased with the images and hopefully I may get future work there.
Chris drove me up and we went on to Jason Tang's night out on the tiles at Revolution's Vodka Bar in Soho.
Felt like I had the beginnings of flu by the time I got back to Camden for the night - and my silver shoes were ridiculous. I swear they are not made for walking!

Rob said he might pop over during the evening on the 19th, but he ran out of time so invited me over for a snuggle instead.
Went Christmas shopping in Portsmouth with my pa in the morning of Dec 20th, but felt unbelievably ill. My head was agony to move even the slightest amount and my arms & legs felt ready to drop off. Came home, slipped into my PJs with a hot water bottle & went to bed.
Woke up to a text from Hollie at 8pm asking if I was coming out to Chicago Rock that night..............and because I no longer felt like I was dying after I had a bath & put the make-up back on, I squeezed myself into my tiny santa dress and went out!
Pa invited me out for dinner at the Jolly Roger in the evening of Dec 21st, where I met Mervin and by sheer coincidence bumped into Adam and some of his friends.

The run-up to Christmas and Christmas Eve was spent at Robert's - we drank & watched music videos on the floor by the tree. Woke up there the next morning, opened stockings. Nick's kids came round Christmas Day at 10ish and we opened some presents all together before I headed off with pa to Dorset to spend the day with my family.
It was late by the time we drove back. I woke up Boxing Day to a full English breakfast at Rob's and had a day watching Pirates of The Caribbean I & II, followed by roast lamb for dinner.

Apart from shooting at Jim's between Christmas & New Year, the only other thing I did around then was have a get-together with some PHS girls.. dinner at Cafe Rouge & drinks in Bar Risa. It's always great to see everyone again, but it amazes me how different we all are - so different since sixth form and just SO different from each other.

As for tonight, I've just come back from an evening at Paul's, drinking whiskey & playing him at tennis & bowling on the wii. I'm not bad for a beginner.
Must be off to bed now, as I have to shoot early tomorrow with Graham Wood and I really have written enough!

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