Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A little interior design

We're in the middle of redecorating, the hubby and I. I think we'll forever be in the middle of redecorating unless one of us wins the lottery. It's quite frustrating when I think of how long it will take to do everything, but it's actually quite fun to do bits here and there and it keeps my mind constantly active to find new ideas and include little bits that inspire me.
As far as the living room goes, we've recently bought a new cream leather corner sofa, Venetian blinds, a pair of Grecian-style decorative pillars, (full-length) and a glass-top table with a heavy stone effect base. The walls are a vibrant orange, fireplace wallpapered with an old brick/stone design and the floor is oak-style laminate.
It would be great not only to design a unique, ornate room in which we can relax, but also something I will be able to use as an elaborate set for shooting where necessary. Forget the Grecian theme for a minute, simply the Venetian blinds can be used creatively.

(Photo is courtesy of David Radford at The Studio, Bristol, 2009)

We're after a Mediterranean feel for our living room, including elaborate wall decoration, artificial vines, tiny LED ceiling lights.. the ideas are endless.
I stumbled across this gorgeous site today; pretty inspiring stuff, huh?


  1. I agree the design and decor of the own interior are giving much pleasure but it lasts a little ;) Good work

  2. Elizabeth I am waiting for new photographs! I am greeting ;)

  3. Sorry, I have been a little busy of late, I will not neglect this. I have many new images to share, soon :)