Thursday, 13 January 2011

Abstract figure shapes

Well I've come to the conclusion that 14 weeks is far too long to go without updating my blog, so this year I must make sure I make time to write. I don't want it to seem like something I must do, I don't even do this from a networking point of view really, but it's something I feel would be fun to read back on in years to come and look at a whole diary of work I achieved over my younger years.
It wouldn't be possible without all the wonderful photographers, stylists and make-up artists I've had the pleasure of being acquainted with of course.
So happy 2011 to you all.
I'll start off with some shots that were taken in October last year at my local and without doubt one of my favourite studios, Lowford Studio by Shaun Harvey. Shaun has only recently returned to studio work to develop abstract figure shapes, often with dynamic lighting.
Here, I'm loving the Hollywood glamour look with a touch of eroticism in the very low key shots, how the light plays on my body from my hands, and also using the mask later on for erotic anonymity.




  1. I already lost hope that you would demonstrate new photographs here. It was worth waiting patiently. Photographs and model are beautiful. I am greeting.

  2. Hi again! It's good to be back. No, never lose hope, I will always come back, I have just been extra busy of late. I have literally hundreds of new photographs to put up. All in good time.. :)
    Hope you have been well!

  3. Wonderfully! I am curious about these new photographs very much. I am waiting patiently and I am greeting ;)