Friday, 1 October 2010

A Yerbury wedding photography workshop (MPA Wessex region)

Tomorrow marks fourteen weeks since mine and Robert's wedding day. More than a quarter of that first year has already passed in a whirlwind of household DIY, socialisation and domestic bliss.
As you may know, I was lucky enough to pick up my dress for just £180 including seamstress costs, and I am still reaping the little pleasures from wearing it (literally) to work! Only a couple of weeks ago, I was dancing about in it for two independent boudoir shoots in the same week.
But I shall have to update on that later. If a bride is ever lucky enough to get to wear her cherished dress again, she probably didn't have the opportunity to dress up in all her glory before the event.
Well, Trevor and Faye Yerbury made that happen for me.. the Monday before my big day in June.. in a slinky champagne / gold little number with a small train and a gorgeous French veil made of weighty silk tulle for one of their wedding photography workshops at Exbury Gardens in the beautiful New Forest.
On the day Faye took my long hair, tangled from the wind, and twined it round her fingers, sweeping it into this magnificent messy braid with strands of hair cascading down my cheeks. It's something that would take me weeks to achieve, yet in no more than 10 minutes I looked like a bride of some royalty.
Despite concentrating on the job in hand to produce the most visually stunning pictures I could, there were so many emotions running through my head knowing I looked and felt the part of a bride, but remembering that this was just acting and I was to experience 'the real thing' not even a week from that very date!

Trevor Yerbury and his wife Faye are two of the most talented photographers, specialising in weddings, boudoir and art nude; their work just goes to show how excellent creative teamwork can pay off. See more of their work on their many blogs, all to be found categorised here: (my favourites being the Weddings and Boudoir blogs)


The soft tulle of the French veil was heavier than voile or netting, so rumpled perfectly over my face in the breeze without obscuring all the detail from my features in profile.
The weave of the fabric works in line with the rippling effect in the wind.

Warm tones in the first photo here again with the soft tulle guise, leaning up against the engine shed door.
Second photo by Faye - a magical old tree taken with wonderful natural light.

Reclining bride.
One of my favourite images, processed to a warm black and white with some texture, taken under the wisteria drenched gazebo.

The bridge above must be every photographer's delight but the real sweet spot was here, the little hidden corner.
And finally, modelling a beautiful net headpiece / bridal veil / hat made by Faye.
A group shot of the fantastic Yerburys, (Trevor next to me, Faye standing behind him) Michelle the other beautiful 'bride' for the day, Keith Curtis (crouching, far right with sunglasses) and budding wedding photographers who took part in this fabulous workshop.

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