Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Grange at Northington

Just posting some pictures from a shoot yesterday at Northington Grange; a mansion near Winchester which is a stunning example of the Greek Revival style in England, remodelled in this way very early 19th Century.
My photographer, Russband and I started by capturing paparazzi 'glamour-girl' shots with his wife's SLK Mercedes (since she is selling it this week and he wanted some shots before it goes) ..before moving into artistic nude by the fountain and against great doric columns. The nudes are my favourites so I'll start with those.

Past visitors to this lovely location have included George IV, Thomas Carlyle and Lord Tennyson.

This mansion is open to the public and it is always a risk to shoot nude in such places. There is no law as such against nudity in public in the UK and we clearly weren't trying to offend, despite there being a few people wandering around (it was a Saturday after all) as well as a young couple with a baby and you would generally take even more caution when children are around.
Well I was standing by one of the pillars and this guy literally just came from nowhere, catching my eye first before he even saw Russ. He walked straight past me, no more than three metres from where I was standing and thankfully didn't say a word. I apologised and tried to cover myself but I forget there are many understanding, open-minded people around as well as the ones who find it harder to appreciate or understand.
He acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary, which I find rather amusing. Maybe he was too shocked to show any emotion.

Anyway, one of the car for good measure.

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  1. Women in red... a car cannot be different ;) Beautiful place beautiful photographs