Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Wagging tongues

I never started modelling with the intention of making it big.
I never had unrealistic hopes and dreams, my goals were always small.. I'd never even planned to be a full-time model and still to this day, I model because I thoroughly enjoy it. It's my hobby, creative outlet and passion for art all rolled into one. Agencies, publications, fame, world domination (lol) just don't cut it as necessities for me.
I am freelance; in a completely different world to photographers working for clients, seeking agency-standard models for big commercial publications. There is little competition and everyone helps each other out. That's the way I like it.
But I do get published here and there, and I hope I never lose that feeling of excitement when your stomach does a little flip and you see yourself printed in a magazine, however small.

And it's always important to regularly check your tongue for unfamiliar changes, as was stated in the January 31st copy of WOMAN magazine. Luckily my tongue looks ok - I just hope the photographer, Chris Rout didn't photoshop it first, ha ha.

Here is the original photograph, shot by Chris back in November. As you can see for publication, it has been heavily cropped, rotated a bit and even reversed to fit the article.

I think Chris Rout is an amazing photographer; the standard of his work is just incredible and no matter how dull the day, he can always manage to get a real feel feel of summer, vibrancy and healthy living into his shots!
This light, airy natural look is something I was severely lacking in my portfolio and is certainly something I was not used to shooting.
Primarily being a nude figure model means I am not always bathed in this much light especially when showing my face, and my glamour / boudoir work is often with heavy, elaborate make-up, so completely refreshing to keep all that to a minimum and show off what natural window light can do for your skin with a couple of light boxes and the aid of millions of reflectors.*

*Okay, not millions.

Our first creative session resulting in some fab commercial photography was back in November 2010, during my last tour to Newcastle. Perhaps this is a good opportunity to post some of the pictures from that day.
I am hoping to do a tour to Leeds, followed by a week in Scotland, (probably Edinburgh) June 6th-17th so on my way up past the England / Scotland border, I'm hoping to stop by in Middlesbrough to shoot with Chris again and if any other genuine photographer / stylist might be interested in this tour, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
I'll shut up and post pictures now! We tried to capture as much expression and as many emotions as possible.


















  1. Hey, when you come stay with us I am TOTALLY going to bite your bum - you have such a lovely one!

  2. Hehehehehe, thanks Lee - I'd better not wear Nivia body creme then, or you might regret having a nibble ;)