Tuesday, 5 April 2011

So what has Jim Davidson learnt about me!

Yey, I am featured on the front and back covers of comedian, Jim Davidson's new book, 'Everything I Have Ever Learnt About Women.'
Keith Curtis was the photographer for this commercial shoot on 9th March. Jim too, was friendly and amusing. I told him I used to watch him on Big Break and The Generation Game, ha. Never did I think back then, I'd eventually come to be standing in front of him with no clothes on. Life is a strange thing!

Although I have not yet seen the back cover, the image below is what's printed on the front, ha ha! You can pre-order a copy of the book here: http://www.jimdavidson.org.uk/shop/books/everything-i-have-ever-learnt-about-women/ and get a free copy of the 'Stand Up And Be Counted' souvenir brochure.
My husband, Robert and I went to see his play on modern-day comedy at The Mayflower, Southampton almost four weeks ago now and we both thought it was brilliant.