Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Fashion at Southampton City Walls

So carrying on from my previous post, 'Group boudoir session with the Porters' my next encounter with Julian and Sue Porter almost two weeks ago on 24th March was for something slightly different. Not boudoir for a start, and outside on location on a gorgeous sunny day in Southampton.. doing... commercial fashion!

Photographers are constantly taught to avoid the dreaded midday sun as it causes harsh shadows on faces, sharp contrast and is generally a less-than-flattering light. But with training, Julian shows it is possible to embrace the sun and take photos that look stunning when shot correctly.
Other things I like about these photos, the first set in particular is the general 'busy-ness.' Some would argue that wearing the floral top camouflages too much with the texture in that wall, but I rather like it, colour or b&w.
Definitely a severe lack of eyes in these photos, but I don't think that matters (it's cool to see reflections in the lenses in some shots) and the sun was blinding for March - I wish every day I shoot on location could be as sunny and warm!
Photographer in training was the lovely Stephano Beaumontski; all photos here are by him.
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