Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Latex work with Stuart, Alex & Martyn

Friday was a full day at Eye For An Image studio, modelling latex collectons. I got my usual beautiful bunch of yellow roses from Alex, and Stuart Thomson spent most of the day taking behind the scenes video and capturing some pretty funny bits as well! There will be a lot more to add to this, so it won't be the last you hear about this day.

Top image by Martyn Davis.
Second image down is another behind the scenes shot from the dressing room of an earlier black latex outfit. It appears to be a catsuit, but in fact it's trousers and a shirt that refused to stay buttoned up. Every time I went to arch my back for a shot, the poppers would ping open and my boobs would fall out.. resulting in not so very facebook-friendly video footage, which I think Stuart was hoping for!

Speaking of Martyn Davis, this is a behind the scenes shot taken first thing Friday morning when his and Kaye's 5-month-old Eurasier puppy, Stanley came into the studio to have his photo taken with me! Aww.. he is so cute, but he just would not stop wiggling!

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