Thursday, 9 June 2011

Pompey got fashionable

About six weeks ago, I got together with three great friends, Steve J Progressive Photography, Nigel Bunker & Bryan Allman in my home town, Portsmouth and we spent a day eating ice cream, dossing around, oh and  shooting a bit of fashion of course.
It was a beautiful hot day in late-April. We stopped for lunch in a lovely pub in Old Portsmouth and my gorgeous friend from school, model Sinopa Rin came down mid-afternoon to join us for a few shots.

Sinopa Rin (left) and Cheryl Elizabeth


Picture on the right: Sinopa Rin (left) and Cheryl Elizabeth

Sinopa Rin (left) and Cheryl Elizabeth

I really love lots of these and I still have more from Bryan, so keep your eyes peeled for those; I think a portfolio update is imminent!
I have loads and loads to catch up on at the moment - Ady's funeral is tomorrow (well, later today now) at 3pm and whilst I'm not looking forward to it, I am looking forward to saying a proper goodbye.
What else is new? I've been over-doing the running I think, I have been going every morning recently and my calves are really quite painful. I've had to get out the deep heat, which I hate because my skin can never make up its mind whether its hot or cold after application!
Oh and I've had my hair extensions taken out for the time being, so my hair is now just below shoulder-length, all choppy and I dyed it a very dark purple-red the other day. It looks funky!

'Til the next time x

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  1. I love the first maxi dress :)
    Particularly like the last shot - the two of you close up x