Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Day with Riccardo

Well, it's virtually impossible to update with a year's worth of work, but it's been a busy year since I was here last and you can now follow me on Facebook and Twitter for a little insight to my personal life, (and a little bit of my work too) if that takes your fancy.
I have been travelling around the UK a lot since the beginning of 2012 and have been offered several jobs abroad. At present, I have misplaced my passport - yes, misplaced not lost - I know it's in the house somewhere.. probably in a handbag I haven't used in about the same length of time that I haven't updated this blog. Must get that sorted..!
I have worked with the fabulous Riccardo de la Venetzia twice already this year, once at the beginning of March, and now I am going to show you a few sets that get progressively more risque, from a more recent full-day shoot with him earlier this month. Hair & make-up is all by me but most of the wardrobe, including the Sixties dress, jeans & red flowery bikini top is thanks to my gorgeous friend, Claire, who has also created some beautiful modelling shots over the years; her portfolio can be found here: http://purpleport.com/portfolio/claire/ ..enjoy!
(Click on any image to view original size)

Something a bit Sixties..

Boy fashion..

Erotic glamour..

Love my jeans..

Something a little patriotic and naughty all rolled into one..

Granny pants.. don't diss them.. even Poundland can look sexy ;)


Brushed out backcombed hair for this.. I never really sleep on the job, hehe..

Finally, some beauty portraits using my spare pair of temporary 'zebra' lip tattoos..

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