Thursday, 16 September 2010

Photographer: Manuel Odabashian a lovely photographer, originally from Cyprus, of Armenian descent and residing in London. Two shoots I've had with him have been enjoyable; both at Adrian Pini Studios, but a complete contrast in terms of style, lighting and look.
And Manuel makes me laugh. He introduces me to all his favourite music during a shoot, tells me he goes dancing regularly and is learning to sing opera, that he's often found singing round the studio.

There are only two months between these two shoots, first from March 2010.


This beautiful black scarf is something I picked up from tiny Greek island, Skiathos a few years ago and helps to transform what starts off as a rather ordinary headshot into something more eye catching to the viewer but without detracting from the face. I love how the silver sequin detail and intricate beading is picked up by the flash making it sparklier, but you need not travel Europe to find exotic garments - I try to look for interesting fabrics, textures and sparkly bits in town that I can throw over my skin. Charity shops are great for this; great for materials, hair accessories, jewellery, hats, props and more.

Something so simple can be a fashion statement, a finishing touch to a refined outfit. Not even nude has to be nude. A pretty voile scarf wrapped around a bare figure can be used to enhance shape, emotion even.

These nudes however, from late-May are not telling any story, but are simply a beautiful interaction of light and skin, and shows how light plays on the curves of a nude female figure, defining and sculpting.
I like the way the second image is almost a silhouette on the box.
Who said low-key on white doesn't work?

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