Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Close to home

I love it when I'm out walking the dogs or just cycling around my home town and I discover secluded little places that have photoshoot potential.

These shots are taken from a shoot I did back in May with Kevin Goodwin. Surprisingly, this is not a rural area, but a mere 10 minutes drive from my house near Portsmouth. There is a river that leads into a large lake, a couple of old bridges, areas of woodland, fields with brambles and long grass, pathways, a board walk that is heavily sheltered by trees all summer and more.
You wouldn't expect it to be so secluded either, but even at its busiest, you'll see a couple of people fishing, a couple of dog walkers and possibly a cyclist. And usually that's from your little sheltered spot with your photographer; the best parts are away from the vast open areas.