Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Fringe fever

These new head shots by Brian Hopper, taken at the weekend at my local Lowford Studio are a little revolutionary in that I have decided to reinvent my look for the second time this year, thanks to a number of people! In January I opted for a choppy, shoulder-length, platinum blonde GaGa look but after returning to my natural colour in June for my wedding, I have been varying the styles from shoot to shoot to keep it fresh.
Now I don't technically have a fringe, but on this particular day I decided to curl my short bits in one quick sweeping motion and bring them all the way over my forehead, set in place with hairspray and straighten the rest (which is also new to me as I usually keep it wavy at the very least) for a set of well-lit head shots on black.
And these are some of the results. I am so in love with that little pool of light on the backdrop to give the first image extra depth.

As you can see I had to sweep it to the side a little to keep it from covering my eyes, but since I am off to the hairdresser tonight I plan to ask for a blunt fringe to be cut in. Looks like I'll be asking to upgrade my straighteners to GHDs this Christmas too..

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