Monday, 27 October 2014

Sweet sixteen

Before I moved to London in July, I had the advantage of shooting at my old home, which was beautifully decorated in an Oriental style. I spent most of the early summer advertising shoots here, one of which was with CM Imaging, who booked me for a full day - a young photographer who specialises in car racing photography and who has only been shooting models for a couple of years.

To shoot a full 8 hours in someone's house that isn't decorated as a home studio can sometimes be pretty challenging, (awkward angles, small rooms, low changeable light) but we never once ran out of lighting, focusing and compositional ideas or new things to try, including in-camera 'filters' using stuff like feathers, netting, crystals, pieces of stained glass and other bits around the house in front of the lens.
Here are 16 photos from all the stuff we achieved - they were all taken using natural light & please click on the images for larger versions.

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